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Wednesday, 30 September 2009

memories remembered

Recently I found a few old concert tickets from shows Ive been to over the years.. a lot of them Ive lost, so I thought id try and remember as many as I can.. so before I forget forever... and in no particular order..

Red Hot Chili Peppers

Love this band, I saw them about 3 years ago on the 'stadium arcadium' tour at an outdoor show in summer.. what I remember about this was I was with a girl and we met her friends there.. a nice couple, and it was his birthday.. so after a few beers in the sun were stood watching the band and he tells me 'under the bridge' is his favourite song.. so when they play it, I get him up on my shoulders... all 240 pounds of him!.. I managed the whole song.. but could barely walk for 2 days afterwards! haha... the chilis were amazing.

The Beautiful South

Great lyrics, great singer.. shame they went away.


Strangely I dont remember anything about this night.. It was right after my best friend was killed, so I was there in person but not in mind.


Ahh Britpop days!



Without a doubt the best band Ive ever seen live.. Ive seen them 3 times now, and each time they've been fantastic.. You cant explain the atmosphere and emotion at a U2 show ... I remember seeing them first in 93 and just being speechless as they played the beginning of 'streets have no name' being right at the front, the hairs on my neck standing up as edges guitar chimed and then feeling the heat on my face as the stage lights lit up the whole 90,000 crowd.. Im pretty sure there was a tear in my eye at that moment.. and Ive never seen anyone to touch them since... Amazing.


Matchbox 20

The Enemy



I saw these just before ok computer came out.. before they went stratospheric.. very good.

Daft Punk

The Chemical Brothers.


Incredible voice live, and amazing light and laser show.

Bon Jovi

Ok, ok... It was early 90's.. summer.. outdoor stadium.. Its what Bon Jovi were made for.. go easy!

Bryan Adams

Same deal as above... dont judge me!


Seen him twice now... great live, but a bit too serious for his own good.. but worth sitting through his solo stuff for the smiths songs.. last time was in my hometown in a tiny venue.. doesnt get much better than that.

Super Furry Animals


Primal Scream

The Fun Lovin Criminals


Travis I saw at Glastonbury about 10 or 11 years ago... lying by our tent right in front of the stage in the sun, with barely anyone watching... they were brilliant.


I saw Elbow when they supported U2 recently.. really relaxed, good atmosphere and beautiful songs with an orchestra on stage.


The Honda center, Annaheim, California... and worth the trip.. they are so good live.. they set up a mini stage right next to me, so i got some good photos of them.


1998 In Manchester.. super cool french duo that made 'moon safari' .. great live.


One of the last shows before they split up.. wasn't expecting to enjoy it, but it turned out to be a great show.. outdoor stadium in Sunderland.. standing in the rain with my eyes closed singing 'live forever' with 50,000 people... one to remember.


supported Oasis.. good band, great band live.


I love James.. wish they hadn't split.. I saw them at Glastonbury when they released their greatest hits.. Tim Booth is such a good singer, crowd loved them too, especially when they played 'laid' I remember his crazy spinning around on stage arms held out.. great day.

The Killers

What you'd expect.. big stadium, big songs.. really good show.. Brandon Flowers has become a great front man.

Justin Currie

Was the lead singer of Del Amitri til they split.. was his first solo gig in his hometown of Glasgow.. amazing singer, songwriter and nice guy.

Del Amitri

As above.. I have loved this band since i first heard them 20 years ago.. Ive seen them and met them countless times.. and their songs have got me through some pretty hard times over the years... Incredible live.

Kings of Leon

Had a hard time getting tickets, but I managed .. amazing live.. glad I got to see them finally.


Headlined Glastonbury .. and one thing I always remember, was during 'everbody hurts' someone let off a flare that just hung in the sky lighting everyone up pink... one of those standout moments during a beautiful song.

So.. thats all I remember for now.. no doubt Ive forgotten some... but one thing Im grateful for.... I never saw Barry Manilow ;0)

Thursday, 24 September 2009